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To protect and slur: Inside hate groups on Facebook, police officers trade racist memes, conspiracy theories and Islamophobia

Hundreds of active-duty and retired law enforcement officers from across the United States are members of Confederate, anti-Islam, misogynistic or anti-government militia groups on Facebook, a Reveal investigation has found. These cops have worked at

The Murderer Was Full of Hate. But Did He Commit a Hate Crime?

DURHAM, N.C. — He hated religion. He hated rule breakers. He hated people who parked in his spot. The man at the center of a case that caused a worldwide furor four years ago over

How male supremacy led to the shooting in a Tallahassee yoga studio

TALLAHASSEE — The first thing Kate Pierson did after unlocking the yoga studio that November afternoon was set the mood, plugging in the soothing waterfall, selecting a cheery lemongrass oil for the scent diffuser. The

Few Talked About Race at This School. Then a Student Posted a Racist Slur.

OWATONNA, Minn. — “I knew it wasn’t O.K.,” Kloey, 16, said. “I knew that for sure.” Late one Saturday night in February in Owatonna, Minn., Kloey posted a selfie on Snapchat with two of her