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7 stabbed at neo-Nazi event outside Capitol in Sacramento

The white nationalists and skinheads, clad in black, began to arrive a little before noon Sunday for their planned march on the state Capitol grounds. They were met by hundreds of protesters toting signs that

There’s a deep divide in how blacks and whites see race. New numbers prove it.

A report that asked thousands of people about their views of racism has found the nation to still be deeply divided, with majorities of black and white Americans holding nearly opposite views of the impact of skin color.


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As activists prepare to protest the RNC, the FBI comes knocking

About two dozen activists filled a small used-book shop on Cleveland’s west side for an unusual meeting: a training session on what to do when police knock on your door.

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Tutors See Stereotypes and Gender Bias in SAT. Testers See None of the Above.

In an annual ritual, hundreds of thousands of students took the SAT this spring as they made their first steps toward applying to college. But they were not the only ones being tested.