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Southern California heavily targeted in 120% increase in white supremacist propaganda in U.S.

White supremacist propaganda heavily targeted the Inland Empire and Southern California as a whole in 2019, according to an annual report released by the Anti-Defamation League. In communities across the nation, the distribution of white

This Public College Wants to Punish 2 Students for Hate Speech. Is That Legal?

The University of Connecticut violated two students’ free-speech rights by attempting to expel them from college housing for allegedly using a racial slur, a new lawsuit says, raising the question of whether a university has

Boys, girls and genders in-between: A classroom lesson for modern third-graders

School counselor Holly Baxter had prepared for this moment for months. She gathered the third-graders of Red Oak Elementary on the carpet for story time, opened the picture book and began to read. Casey, she

Central American studies was the most important class I ever took

The U.S. southern border has become synonymous with crisis, and that crisis synonymous with the countries of Central America, particularly El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. In the ProPublica audio that went viral last year of