Assemblymember Ammiano: If you are not addressing the issues your constituents are

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concerned with, then you are not doing your job, even with controversial subjects like immigration. What did we do when we got vetoed, we went right back. We talked to the governor and explained what we wanted to do and he signed it.

Domestic workers: Most are women, but not all. Tried to bring the issues under the tent. We got vetoed, but we pursued and brought it right back and now there are overtime protections.

Homophobia: Other issues that affect LGBT to, housing, health, education. We focused on transgendered last year. This is not a suburban phenomena, this is real. this affects real people.

Homeless: Most prejudiced against. Criminalize poverty. Our bill, funding for hygiene centers. Because people make you uncomfortable, we are allowed to criminalize them.

Always worth the fight. There is so much support from so many areas. When you are working on issues where there is common ground, they have to change their attitude.