Hate Crime in California, 2016 reports statistics on hate crimes that occurred in California during 2016. These statistics include the number of hate crime events, hate crime offenses, victims of hate crimes, and suspects of hate crimes. This report also provides statistics from district and elected city attorneys on the number of hate crime cases referred to prosecutors, the number of cases filed in court, and the disposition of those cases. Finally, this report puts these statistics in a historical perspective by providing trend information on the number and types of hate crimes over the past ten years. All law enforcement agencies, district attorneys, and elected city attorney’s offices in California, in cooperation with the Department of Justice, have developed local data collection programs and submitted hate crime statistics for this 2016 edition of Hate Crime in California.

The total number of hate crime events, offenses, victims, and suspects all increased in 2016. The following statements highlight the major trends in Hate Crime in California for 2016….

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