The California College Republicans’ new platform says the state’s campuses are rife with what the group considers “degenerate” behavior. The document takes aim at university funding of birth control and abortion, the legitimizing of transgender people, and institutional support of Mexican and Muslim student organizations that the group accuses of being “ethnonationalist” and anti-Semitic.

“In addition, ethnic, women’s, and sexually deviant ‘community centers’ and ‘theme dormitories’ that engender ethnic nationalism, racial animus and encourage degenerate behavior go against everything we believe as conservatives, and we flatly refuse to fund them,” reads the 2018 platform, released this month.

The statewide group has chapters at several University of California campuses as well as at other prominent institutions, including Stanford University.

Much of the platform is inflammatory, sure to provoke opposition from liberal, moderate, and even some conservative students….

The Chronicle of Higher Education