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To a greater or lesser degree all human rights commissions resolve conflicts. Larger commissions, such as the Los Angeles County HRC, have full-time staff whose activities are primarily in the area of community conflict resolution.

Typically, human rights commission staff will receive several calls a day requesting intervention in a broad range of issues. If the commission wishes to respond to conflicts it can do so by providing staff guidelines listing activities they can take on its behalf without prior consultation and activities that require consultation or participation by the commission.

There are several organizations that provide conflict resolution training on a fee for service basis, however the Federal Mediation Service will usually provide a two-day training course at no cost. One of the best conflict resolution training courses is conducted by the California Department of Corrections and it can be adapted to your needs.

Once staff has some time to gauge its work load the Commission could sponsor, or advocate, the development of a public or private community conflict resolution programs to meet specific problems that tend to drain the resources of the commission.

Nonprofit that tracks hate crimes in O.C. may see county funding cut

By | June 15th, 2012|Conflict Resolution, Hate Crimes, Intergroup Relations|

A supervisor is proposing a two-thirds reduction in the money given to the Orange County Human Relations Commission, which leaders say could devastate the group.

Read more in the Los Angeles Times:,0,5132570.story

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Differing between Conflict Resolution and Inter-group Conflict

By | August 19th, 2011|Conflict Resolution|

Conflict resolution is a broad term covering any process by which a dispute between two or more parties is resolved.  The term encompasses everything from cooperative decision-making to all-out war.  CAHRO’s interest and expertise is focused on intergroup conflict prevention and resolution in the community and in the schools.  CAHRO does not address conflicts between

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